A Critical Evaluation of Self Compacting Concrete Using Mineral Admixture


  • Surinder Singh Civil Engineering Department, Universal Group of Institutions, Punjab, India
  • Mukesh Kumar Civil Engineering Department, Universal Group of Institutions, Punjab, India




Self-compacting concrete, mineral admixture, workability, flow properties


This research provides an experimental study on the workability measures of multiple mineral admixtures (slump, L-box, U-box and T50). The approach followed the 10 percent, 20 percent and 30 percent substitute mineral admixtures for Portland cement and output is measured and compared. It explores the impact of mineral admixtures on the workability of self-compacting concrete. The mixing ratio is obtained in compliance with the recommendations issued by the European Federation of producers and contractors of special products for structure. It is observed that the optimal dosage of super plasticizer increased the concrete's flow property. As a consequence, overall changes were observed in the flow and filling capacity of the self-compacting concrete. It is also found that the amount of superplasticizer required to attain a given fluidity is decreased where mineral admixtures are used in selfcompacting concrete. The effect of mineral admixtures on the criteria for admixtures is substantially dependent on their distribution of particle size, particle form and surface characteristics






Research Article