Analyzing IoT based clustered protocols of dissimilar wireless sensor networks for energy optimization


  • Haewon Byeon Department of Digital Anti-Aging Healthcare, Inje University, Gimhae,50834, Republic of Korea
  • Archana Kollu Pimpri Chinchwad college of engineering and research, Ravet-Pune 412101, India



Wireless sensor network (WSN), clustered protocols, Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS), Hy-IoT (hybrid IoT), Cluster heads (CH), improved hybrid IoT (iHy-IoT)


The most recent advancements and innovations in the micro electrical mechanical system allow the WSN to be used in a variety of ways because of their incredible  ability to sense environmental and other variables. WSNs are made up of a large  number of low-cost sensor nodes that communicate using a set of rules known as protocols. Sensor node performance can be affected by certain protocols.  This paper analyzes the IoT based optimized energy clustered protocols for wireless sensor networks. Because some nodes are always powered by batteries, WSNs are always concerned with energy efficiency. There are many similarities between WSN in CPS 
and IoT. Different starting energies have been found for various nodes or end devices. Physical remote sensor setups and heterogeneous Cyber IoT environments are no longer incompatible. Based on the results section's performance measures, we can 
compare Hy-IoT and iHy-IoT.