Impact of climate change on water resource in Upper Blue Nile basin: A Review


  • Damte Tegegne Fetene Arba Minch Water Technology Institute, Arba Minch University, Ethopia



Calibration, GCM, HBV, SWAT, Validation


Climate change impact influence the water resource planning choice. The upper Blue Nile river basin is the part of the Nile river basin found in Ethiopia has an important role in the hydrology of the Nile river basin. About 60% of the streamflow source of Nile River comes from this basin. Effects of change climate indicate that rise in maximum temperature and mean annual streamflow. Hydrological Byråns Vattenbalansavdelning (HBV) and SWAT hydrological models were used for assessment of the impact of climate change on streamflow, water resource and water resource. The models show good performance quality in calibrations and validation. The investigation indicates Upper Blue Nile basin was significantly and sensitive to climate change and affected due to climate change in all analysis.